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Please note that the Safe City Oshawa Partnership, an advisory committee of Oshawa City Council, has been suspended pending a review of the need for a community safety committee.

Welcome to the Safe City Oshawa Partnership

The Safe City Oshawa Partnership, composed of a diverse group of community stakeholders, aims to maintain that sense of confidence in our neighbourhoods by supporting grass-roots safety strategies. Our commitee members meet on a monthly basis, with the public welcome to attend. SCOP undertakes steps to achieve the goals set out in the Partnership's annual work plan. 

Our efforts can range from attending community events with information and practical safety resources you can take away to literally cleaning up the City using our own hands and those of local volunteers.  We welcome your input on subjects you feel need attention and encourge you to stay tuned to this website where we will post a wide variety of  valuable safety materials and links that help families and individuals.

Keeping our community safet to "live, work, learn and play" requires a community-based approach with every citizen taking part. 

Paul Dobbs, Chairperson


Your Safe City Oshawa Committee well into phase one of a two-year plan. We're working hard on a new approach to empower residents and organizations in Oshawa to open the door to their concerns and creative solutions to safety topics here. Keep an eye on this site for the special announcement of an amazing new opportunity that all of you will be able to take advantage of - fall of 2014!


It was another great result this year, with close to 200 people coming out to help put a new, fresh face on the downtown after a long cold winter that trapped various bits of trash beneath the snow. Thank you to all the amazing people from Durham Continuing Education, City of Oshawa, DRPS, Cash Money, Ministry of Finance and the public at large who braved heavy winds and made a great visual impact on our community!

Communities with Brooms 2014



Dissolve Presentation

Many thanks to our SCOP members, particularly UOIT and Durham College, for bringing the Dissolve presentatio by Meghan Gardiner to the Regent in the fall. The performance was a powerful experience on the importance of personal safety for students.

Oshawa Youth Guide

Have you heard about our revised Youth Guide? Developed in partnership with United Way Information Services, the guide contains a mountain of excellent resources for youth to call upon. You can grab a copy off our site here (on the right) to keep on your cell phone, AND you can also use the always-up-to-date live version at this link -->


Communities with Brooms Event Photos 2013 ->


About Our Site

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Safety Tips:

Every day we need to keep safety in mind.  Click on any of the articles below for information developed by our Partnership members.


Return to School Safety (PDF)
Camp Fire Prep and Tips (PDF)
Before Going Away! (PDF)
Your Fire Escape Plan (PDF)
Selecting a Private Home Childcare(PDF)
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (PDF)
Online, Email Frauds (PDF)

Personal Safety - Trust Your Instincts (PDF)

Protecting Your Digital Self (PDF)

Vehicle Related Thefts (PDF)

In the News

Landscaping this Spring? Think Prevention!

Follow-up article on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - see this item that carries some tips and important contact information in follow up to our free community information night on securing your property as part of your landscaping plans.

Oshawa Youth Guide

It's out! The Guide contains all sorts of contact information for services available to youth including housing, counselling, financial assistance, health and much more. There are phone numbers, email addresses and website URLs to help you contact the agencies.

Grab a copy of the guide in PDF (for computers,smartphones), MOBI (right-click and choose Save As for Kindle) or EPUB (right-click and choose Save As for Kobo, iPad, iPhone, iPod) format. We'll soon have a live search version of this guide on the site too!

Newspaper coverage of the Youth Guide announcement
WebCast - Presentation to City Council (Archive Player - choose the month of January then the 28th and click Search. In the listing of presentations you will find the segment specifically for SCOP as "Safe City Oshawa Partnership - Youth Initiatives")